Danse Macabre [Demo 2012]

01. Danse Macabre - 6:00
02. Qabr - 5:36

Hellcome all... "Danse Macabre" is the debut (unofficial) demo from Maqâbir released digitally on the dark christmas day 25th December 2012. It contains two tracks I described as Ethereal Black Instru-Metal. Both tracks were recorded during November - December 2012. Stand as an initial introduction or sort of a promotion, "Danse Macabre" is available for free download at maqabir.bandcamp.com. Thus, obscurity prevails for eternity!!...


[memo] Cancellation of Demo CDR 2012

Today, 12.12.12, should be a special date I plan to release debut Demo CDR from Maqâbir. But again, I changed my mind. I thought it would be much better perfect to introduce Maqâbir via internet download rather than a physical release. I beg for apologise for this cancellation. The planned “Danse Macabre” Demo 2012 will be available soon for FREE DOWNLOAD. As for now I’m looking for the best host to upload the material. Wait for the release!!!

Danse Macabre [Demo CDR 2012]
01. Danse Macabre - 6:00
02. Qabr - 5:36
03. Tractatus - 2:39

Note: “Danse Macabre” will be available soon on December 25, 2012


[memo] Previous Projects & Cancelled Releases

Prior to the establishment of Maqâbir, I have two projects; Dark Oath and Death Note. Plan was made to release material from both now defuncted projects. Since I changed my mind to form and concentrate on Maqâbir, the proposed releases were cancelled. Here I would like to share information on the previous projects and cancelled releases.

Dark Oath - Endless Darkness [Demo 2012]
01. Intromancy - 1:18
02. Obscure Prevails - 4:00
03. Endless Darkness - 4:21
04. Outromancy - 1:54

Dark Oath is a project which is quite similar to Maqâbir but Dark Oath is more into satanic / devilish ideologies. Dark Oath can be considered as pre-Maqâbir. The cancelled demo contains 2 tracks plus intro and outro (tracklist mentioned as above). "Endless Darkness" is planned to be released somewhere back in late August / early Septermber 2012. Decision made so this Demo 2012 is cancelled and left unreleased.

Death Note - Committed Suicide [Single 2012]
01. Commited Suicide - 5:06

Death Note is factually a hidden / untold project by me (Nath). Death Note is an Experimental project which musically into Acoustic / Ambient / Drone / Darkwave soundscapes. During the period of pre-Maqâbir (June - September 2012), a track were made under the name of Death Note entitled Committed Suicide. It is the only track from Death Note which is now deactiaved. 

News by Nath // 31.10.2012


[memo] Official launch of Maqâbir (October 2012)

Maqâbir was official formed in October 2012 from the ashes of Dark Oath (considered as pre-Maqâbir) and deactivate Experimental project Death Note. Combination of both defuncted projects, I will continue my musical interest and vision under the name of Maqâbir. This new project is musically into ethereal Black Instru-Metal and dark Ambient soundscapes, exclusively. By the existence of Maqâbir, I decided to cancel the releases of:

# Dark Oath - Endless Darkness [Demo 2012]
# Death Note - Committed Suicide [Single 2012]

Soon I will give related information on those cancelled releases. New tracks will be composed and recorded under the banner of Maqâbir. Hope a demo will be unleashed real soon. Time will tell… - Nath (all instruments & programming)

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