[memo] "Kristus Kut" featured on EKSTRIM

Our latest downloadable release "Kristus Kut" [Promo 2013] got featured on a Malaysian Metal Online Media - EKSTRIM. The article was written in Malay language, and archieved in the DOWNLOAD section! Go to the original writings here: ekstrim-info.blogspot.com

As compared to the original release info mentioned in maqabir.blogspot.com, EKSTRIM brought to you another download source/link, which is [marked *]:

Thanks to Mr.Pian Kvlt and the helpful EKSTRIM


Drown - Drowned Vol​.​1 [Demo 2013]

DROWN is a hidden side-project of Nath Maqâbir. This work doesn't mean to be so serious, it's just for fun or self-satisfaction. Download here if you want to taste some Drone / Experimental / Noise arts!!


01. Drowned Pt.1 - 4:25
02. Drowned Pt.2 - 3:42
03. Drowned Pt.3 - 5:57
04. Drowned Pt.4 - 3:05

All tracks by: Nath
Composed & recorded in March 2013
Contact: qabr2013@gmail.com

Kristus Kut [Promo 2013]

01. Kristus Kut - 3:15
02. Angst - 4:41

2-Track Promo scheduled to be release on Cold Silence Netlabel but since there's no news from the label, "Kristus Kut" is now unleashed for free download on our bandcamp.


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