[memo] Previous Projects & Cancelled Releases

Prior to the establishment of Maqâbir, I have two projects; Dark Oath and Death Note. Plan was made to release material from both now defuncted projects. Since I changed my mind to form and concentrate on Maqâbir, the proposed releases were cancelled. Here I would like to share information on the previous projects and cancelled releases.

Dark Oath - Endless Darkness [Demo 2012]
01. Intromancy - 1:18
02. Obscure Prevails - 4:00
03. Endless Darkness - 4:21
04. Outromancy - 1:54

Dark Oath is a project which is quite similar to Maqâbir but Dark Oath is more into satanic / devilish ideologies. Dark Oath can be considered as pre-Maqâbir. The cancelled demo contains 2 tracks plus intro and outro (tracklist mentioned as above). "Endless Darkness" is planned to be released somewhere back in late August / early Septermber 2012. Decision made so this Demo 2012 is cancelled and left unreleased.

Death Note - Committed Suicide [Single 2012]
01. Commited Suicide - 5:06

Death Note is factually a hidden / untold project by me (Nath). Death Note is an Experimental project which musically into Acoustic / Ambient / Drone / Darkwave soundscapes. During the period of pre-Maqâbir (June - September 2012), a track were made under the name of Death Note entitled Committed Suicide. It is the only track from Death Note which is now deactiaved. 

News by Nath // 31.10.2012


[memo] Official launch of Maqâbir (October 2012)

Maqâbir was official formed in October 2012 from the ashes of Dark Oath (considered as pre-Maqâbir) and deactivate Experimental project Death Note. Combination of both defuncted projects, I will continue my musical interest and vision under the name of Maqâbir. This new project is musically into ethereal Black Instru-Metal and dark Ambient soundscapes, exclusively. By the existence of Maqâbir, I decided to cancel the releases of:

# Dark Oath - Endless Darkness [Demo 2012]
# Death Note - Committed Suicide [Single 2012]

Soon I will give related information on those cancelled releases. New tracks will be composed and recorded under the banner of Maqâbir. Hope a demo will be unleashed real soon. Time will tell… - Nath (all instruments & programming)

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