Ars Moriendi [EP 2013]

01. Ars Moriendi - 6:40
02. Danse Macabre - 6:00
03. Qabr 13 - 6:01
04. Desolation Archangel - 5:45
05. Fear of Death - 3:11

Out now debut official EP from Maqâbir. 5 tracks released on CDR format. Produced by own label Mortum Records. Limited to 30 copies only. Available for USD6 worldwide. Contact: qabr2013@gmail.com. Digital Edition: http://archive.org/details/mort001

MORTUM RECORDS - http://mortumrecords.blogspot.com


[memo] Next Release - Maqbara [Tape 2013]

01. Funeral Depression - 6:29
02. Ars Moriendi - 5:36
03. Qabr - 5:36
04. Danse Macabre - 6:00
05. Maqbara - 4:07

Note: Demo collection. Looking for label to release on tape format. If there any label interested to release this material please email to qabr2013@gmail.com.

[memo] Next Release - Endless Darkness [Unreleased Demo 2012]

01. Intromancy - 1:18
02. Obscure Prevails - 4:00
03. Endless Darkness - 4:21
04. Outromancy - 1:54
05. Death Note (Committed Suicide) - 5:06
06. Danse Macabre - 6:00
07. Qabr - 5:36
08. Tractatus - 2:39

Note: To be released in February 2013 by selfreleased / own label.

[memo] Next Release - Ars Moriendi [EP 2013]

01. Ars Moriendi (6:40)
02. Danse Macabre (6:00)
03. Qabr 13 (6:01)
04. Desolation Archangel (5:45)
05. Fear of Death (3:11)

Note: To be released on 30/01/2013 by selfreleased / own label.

Funebris [Single 2013]

01. Funebris - 10:00

10 minutes Ambient track released for Free Download. Previously unreleased Ambient soundscape. Composed and recorded in January 2013. Short edit used on the actual track entitled Funeral Depression.

Download: maqabir.bandcamp.com/album/funebris-single-2013


[memo] Revelation of the Unreleased

In regards with a news information titled Previous Projects & Cancelled Releases posted back on 31st October 2012, today I decide to reveal those two unreleased material from two previous projects; Dark Oath and Death Note.

[1] Dark Oath - Endless Darkness [Demo 2012]

[2] Death Note - Committed Suicide [Single 2012]

Both releases are for now available for listening only at maqabir.bandcamp.com. I have a plan to physically release all of these unreleased tracks under the name of Maqâbir together with tracks from cancelled Demo CDR 2012. The release will be called as "Endless Darkness" Unreleased Demo 2012 with the following tracklisting:

01. Intromancy
02. Obscure Prevails
03. Endless Darkness
04. Outromancy
05. Death Note (Committed Suicide)
06. Danse Macabre
07. Qabr
08. Tractatus

# Previous Projects & Cancelled Releases
# Cancellation of Demo CDR 2012

[memo] Pest Records Online Compilation Volume 13 Updates!

Pest Records Online Compilation Vol.13 will be soon available for free streaming and download! Featuring tracks by:

- BASSOOKAH (Holland)
- FUNEBRIA (Venezuela)
- KHEPHRA (Italy)
- KILLUS (Spain)
- MAQABIR (Malaysia)

News taken from: pestrecords.ucoz.com


[video] Funebris

Share Link: youtu.be/XCpmh1eqeP0
Published on Jan 23, 2013


[memo] Official Pre-listening: Memento Mori

New track recorded in January 2013
Nath - all instruments & programming


[memo] Jericho Vol. - Depressive Black Metal music compilation

Maqâbir will take part in the upcoming release of Jericho Vol. - a Depressive Black Metal music compilation. For further information about this compilation, please visit:

# http://www.facebook.com/JerichoVol
# http://bestofdsbm.blogspot.cz/
# http://jericho.thez.info/jericho-vol.php

Note: I formerly sent track Qabr 13 for this compilation but since the track was submitted and going to be appeared in another compilation released by Pest Records, I later submit another track entitled Desolation Archangel which I think would be better for Jericho Vol. compilation. As for now, it is depend to them to choose any track.


[memo] Official Pre-listening: Desolation Archangel

Desolation Archangel is a track planned for upcoming EP tentatively entitled "Ars Moriendi". Listen and comment please. Published at: maqabir.bandcamp.com.

[video] Fear of Death

Share Link: youtu.be/ZE2OqtPsmnI
Published on Jan 18, 2013

[video] Ars Moriendi (demo version)

Share Link: youtu.be/33ivfZb5lWM
Published on Jan 18, 2013


Tractatus [Dark Ambient Collection]

01. Tractatus (Unreleased 2012) - 2:39
02. Six Feet Under - 3:02
03. Fear of Death - 3:11
04. Bonus: Ars Moriendi (demo version) - 5:36

Unofficial release of dark Ambient tracks + demo version of Ars Moriendi as bonus. Feel free to download, give a listen and express your comment! Hail darkness!!!

[video] Six Feet Under

Share Link: youtu.be/5PlwvzsHAik
Published on Jan 16, 2013


[video] Qabr 13

Share Link: youtu.be/4_gRlAJE_L8
Published on Jan 16, 2013

[memo] Pest Records Online Compilation Volume 13

Proudly announced, Maqâbir has just took an opportunity to take part in an online compilation. A related news was found via Facebook, said: "Pest Records will release a new online compilation (free download) soon! Bands interested in being featured on Pest Records Online Compilation Volume 13 should email pestrecords@yahoo.com" thus it is time to be part of this compilation. Track called 'Qabr 13' and band logo immediately sent to Pest Records. Thanks to Andrian (the label owner) for his great response and support! To know further about Pest Records, please visit pestrecords.ucoz.com and/or facebook.com/pestrecords. For now, wait for the release of Pest Records Online Compilation Volume 13.


[memo] Official Pre-listening: Qabr 13

Greetings!!... 13th January 2013 is such a perfect date to launch the new edition of Qabr, which is a track previously appeared on "Danse Macabre" Demo 2012. There you will find a minimal edit which a short intro (about 25 seconds) added to the original track and this re-edit version is rebranded as Qabr 13. Pre-listening of the song is embed as above and also published at: maqabir.bandcamp.com. There were plans to submit this track to compilations and perhaps a physical release tentatively entitled "Ars Moriendi" EP 2013.

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