[memo] Revelation of the Unreleased

In regards with a news information titled Previous Projects & Cancelled Releases posted back on 31st October 2012, today I decide to reveal those two unreleased material from two previous projects; Dark Oath and Death Note.

[1] Dark Oath - Endless Darkness [Demo 2012]

[2] Death Note - Committed Suicide [Single 2012]

Both releases are for now available for listening only at maqabir.bandcamp.com. I have a plan to physically release all of these unreleased tracks under the name of Maqâbir together with tracks from cancelled Demo CDR 2012. The release will be called as "Endless Darkness" Unreleased Demo 2012 with the following tracklisting:

01. Intromancy
02. Obscure Prevails
03. Endless Darkness
04. Outromancy
05. Death Note (Committed Suicide)
06. Danse Macabre
07. Qabr
08. Tractatus

# Previous Projects & Cancelled Releases
# Cancellation of Demo CDR 2012

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