[memo] The Unplanned Releases Unleashed

Maqâbir would like to proudly announced that there are two releases previously unplanned, now unleashed for all. The releases are; "Assemblage of the Dead Souls" [Promo 2013], and "Deathymns" [Experimental EP 2013]. Here are some information about these releases:

Assemblage of the Dead Souls [Promo 2013]
01. Archangel of Death (demo version) - 4:56
02. Ars Moriendi (demo version) - 5:36
03. Qabr (Demo 2012) - 5:36
04. Funeral Depression (demo version) - 6:29

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Known as Recollection of Demo Edition, "Assemblage of the Dead Souls" contains 4 tracks which all are DEMO VERSION. It's officially released on CDR format distributed/spread for FREE GIVEAWAY. The main idea is to submit copies to records labels, fanzine editors and good friends too. So, for those interested, please leave your name & address at qabr2013@gmail.com or nath.maqabir@facebook.com. At the same time, free downloadable version (without complete coversleeve) also available at http://maqabir.bandcamp.com.

Deathymns [Experimental EP 2013]
01. Tractatus - 2:39
02. Barzakh - 10:00
03. Funebris - 10:00
04. Death Note (Committed Suicide) - 5:06

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For those who are more into Dark Ambient type of music, "Deathymns" is out exclusively for you!! This 4-track Ambient / Experimental EP released as Free Download through Darkwaves Promotion. You can download it here: www.mediafire.com/?3u9e4mnrfz8w43s. We also provide free streaming at: http://maqabir.bandcamp.com. Luckily, for those who interested to get this material on physical format, the CDR version is now officially distributed by Swedish underground label Salute Records. Information about the distributed CDR is here: http://maqabir.blogspot.com/2013/02/saluterecords190213.html

Maybe there will be more unplanned releases being unleashed in the future. Thanks for those who help Maqâbir in various way; promotion, recommendation, distribution, et cetera. Let the obscurity prevails eternally...

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